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What art course would be complete without the requisite drawing of an urn?  I enjoyed doing this one a lot.  The round, even shape was a welcome rest after attempting to draw that hair.  And Cindy Wider gave me a great tip for drawing with charcoal.  She writes:

“Charcoal is different; imagine that you are sweeping around tiny piles of sand on a shiny floor to create the drawing; it only requires a ‘lay it down once and move on’ type of application. The best way to get it right by just laying it down once is to really loosen up and relax your entire upper torso. A lot of drawing skills require the mind to be at ease and confident but this is even more so for charcoal.”

I love the image of “sweeping tiny piles of sand.”  I will work on that in my next drawing.  In the meantime, here’s the urn.


Who knew that such a small object could bring this much satisfaction?

Perhaps when one has suffered for a long, long time with an inferior tool, the appreciation of the improved tool is that much greater.  And believe me, I’ve had some real pencil sharpener duds.  Admittedly, the first sharpener I used when started drawing again was one that I’d found at the bottom of a junk drawer, probably a remnant of the last time I used a number 2 pencil back in school.  So maybe it’s not fair to count that one.

But my next pencil sharpener was a perfectly reputable General’s All Art handheld, and it should have done the trick.  But each time I would try to sharpen, my pencil would either break or sharpen in a totally lopsided way, so that I could really only use one side of the pencil.  I’d try to repair the damage with my sandpaper block, but it never worked quite right, and I found that I was subconsciously avoiding sharpening my pencil altogether!  I’d put it off until the last possible moment and then, when I was at the absolute end of my rope and had no choice but to sharpen it, there I was again stuck with a some new, misshapen pencil monster, and I’d have to adjust my technique to compensate for the pencil problems.  The angst!

When I looked around at Blick’s site, I found that this Alvin Brass Bullet had a lot of good reviews and only cost $4, so I decided to give it a try.

Now I’m in pencil sharpener heaven!  Its grip makes it easy to grasp, the pencil rotates smoothly, and it delivers a beautifully long, sleek point every time.  I don’t have to learn how to draw all over again each time I sharpen my pencil, and I really feel like my work is going to be better for it!