That’s my recently completed assignment for Portraiture class, and below are comments from Cindy Wider (click on it if you want to see the notes better).

I struggled a lot with this one, and now feel like I’ve accomplished a lot– just by getting through it.  We were asked to start with drawing the hair, and hair has been a real weak spot for me.  So it started off very poorly and I decided to move on to the facial features.  But my confidence was really shaken and I had a hard time doing anything.  I came very close to throwing the drawing away.

But I pushed on, and by the time I started blending the face, I was beginning to finally like the portrait.  When I returned to the hair, it started to come a lot more naturally, and by the end I was actually enjoying doing it.  I found it truly relaxing.

I shared my struggle with Cindy, and she wrote:

“Learning to draw is as much about overcoming the self as anything else. It is the emotional side that we all need support with. Anyone can learn the drawing techniques, but not everyone has what it takes with regards to character and personal skills; perseverance, courage, inner-strength, self belief. That’s why we admire great artists so much; because a great artist has overcome many personal hurdles to get to where they get in order to create incredible art.”

True, and very well-put.